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Brand Identity, Motion Graphic

Dharma is a mental health platform designed for the every day young adult who aspires to be the best versions of themselves they can be, but may feel stuck in their approach to life. Signing up with a Dharma coach allows for users to examine and ultimately understand the root of their problems, as well as discover ways to go about dealing with them in the most effective manner.


With permission from Dharma users, you’ll be able to listen in on these one-on-one conversations between coaches in podcast form through the app, as well as gain access to a wide library of specific meditation guides and techniques.


The Primary Audience / Business Model

While Dharma is inclusive of all age groups, the primary audience lies in the teenage to young adult age (17 - 24 approximately), as it is that age range in which most people begin to find themselves struggling with a sense of identity and purpose, whether it be in the midst of college or joining the work force right out of high school. 

Feelings of intense depression, self-worth, anxiety

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Why "Dharma"?


Dharma is a Hindu term that refers to one's life purpose, or the "right way of living." Not only was this term more interesting than Moodcast in terms of its unfamiliarity in Western vernacular, but it's meaning encapsulated the essence of the brand in a more succinct manner in that it's a brand / platform that is dedicated to guiding users towards their own respective "right" paths.

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