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Spectrum Trio: Teal Boba

Package Design

Given a task to design the packaging of a product trio based off of the color teal, I set off to do research both on the color teal and it's psychological associations as well as consider the actual product in which I would design. The product that immediately came to mind was bubble tea or boba, a beverage that has gained increased popularity in recent years, especially in the Asian American community. The color teal is often associated with spirituality and a sense of healing, which I felt meshed well with the inherent tea-quality of boba. Additionally, the color teal gets its name from the teal duck, known for the teal stripes by its eyes. I felt that the striped design of the teal duck combined with teal's color association with spirituality led to the creation of Teal Boba, an accessible line of canned bubble tea.

taro front.png
matcha front.png
thai front.png
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